Counties Dorset

Gospel in Community

Each of the two Camp groups has an established Leadership Team, but in addition to these, we need lots of people to help with the essential support work which allows the ministry side of Camp to happen. 

This summer, we will be looking for:
*Those willing to join the Catering team
*Volunteers for the Site-support team
*General helpers
*People to help as part of the Set-up team during the three days before Camp begins in July
*People to help dismantle after Camp is over.

If you feel able to help - for a few hours, for a couple of days, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please simply contact Ian and Sally Carr to let them know your availability.

If you can come for the whole week, please fill in an online Residential Support Team Application Form via the button to the left.

[Leadership Team members should also please complete an application form, which has been specifically tailored to their involvement, and submit it online. Thanks.]

Camp 2016 Dates:
Set-up: Thursday 28 - Saturday 30 July
Senior-Inter: Sunday 31 July - Saturday 06 August
Inter-Junior: Sunday 31 July to Saturday 06 August
Dismantle: Saturday 06 August to Monday 08 August

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